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Classic Contemporary Clothing and Accessories for Women

26 Feb '16

MAGIC in Fabulous Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas on Feb 18, 2016 and I just want to tell our fun adventure story.

We decided to just go for the day because we, mostly me, didn't want to leave Lincoln overnight. We flew out in the morning and got there around 11am. I was a little concerned that we would not have enough time to do everything that I itinerized. We went straight to Mandalay Bay CS from McCarran, and I always like to start at the POOL trade show section. These are always the newer, kind of up-and-coming designers. The designer is typically the one running the booth, and a lot of them are cash & carry. I really like to meet the designer and get a feel of what they're about. The first booth we stopped at was for this beautiful, minimalistic, silver and gold jewelry (expect rings soon). We found this other booth where this guy had all of these beautiful cow hair, small purses, and clutches. I went up to the booth and immediately liked it, but my husband was a little hesitant because it really would be hard to sell online only. The beauty is in the texture. (I walked up to the booth and said 'oooohhh', and my husband said, 'you mean 'moooh'?') We found another booth where the guy did a lot of upcycling. His clothing and designs were really totalitarian Hunger Game-style. We are expecting that order fairly soon. We left POOL and went to PROJECT Women (who names these?) This is much more commercial and HUGE. We got some more JOA basics for S/S, and some amazing new CAPULET garments for F/W. I fell in love with NYTT and got more F/W than I should have. We got four pairs of sunglasses from Wonderland. There was another smaller and more affordable brand called Stevie Tees and the quality and unique fabric coloring really drew me in. They make a lot of basics, but they are really different and really comfortable. I am really excited for that order. All in all it was a really successful and fun trip. We got home at 9:30pm. What a great day.


Love and peace always,