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Classic Contemporary Clothing and Accessories for Women

Warm winter scarf blue

Ribbed 20 Dirty R2D2 Inspired Scarf

$ 30.00 

Chunky knit color block scarf. All of the Star Wars commercials has subconsciously inspired me to make my version of an R2D2 scarf and give a nod to the old movies. Add fun and color to your layers with this one of a kind scarf. Made by forLincoln in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

            - Seagull, Red, Cobalt Blue, Fisherman, Grey
            - 48”L | 4”W
            - 80% Acrylic | 20% Wool
            - Two ribs
            - One of a kind
            - Yarn made in Turkey
            - Scarf Handmade in CA, USA

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